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Home Health Aide

Courses that help improve the lives of the clients in your care
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Home Health Aide Program

Upon completion of the Home Health Aide program, graduates will be able to seek entry-level employment as a Home Health Aide with clinics, assisted living facilities, Home Health Agencies, and other healthcare practice facilities.

Program Description

The seventy-five (75) clock hour program is the state requirement for hours and training objectives for a Home Health Aide. The program is designed to prepare students for the fundamental requirements of care, including ambulation, vital signs, transporting patients, charting, general and personal care. Students will take weekly quizzes throughout the program and are required to pass a final exam to obtain their diploma.


Upon successful completion of the program, students willreceive a diploma.

HAl22 – Employability Skills

This course prepares students for employment, which includes creating a resume, searching, and applying for a job. Self-care and time management are also stressed to maintain employment. Duration: 2 hours.

CPR101 — CPR and First Aid

This course is offered as part of the program as well as a continuing education credit/class. Completers receive a CPR and First Aid card. This programis graded on a Pass or Fail basis. Duration: 6 clock hours (laboratory).

Pre-requisites: None.

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